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Orchestrated Death

orchestrated death game

Every now and then, we all wonder what it is like to deal with death. After all, we all eventually die -so it is natural that so many people are obsessed with the concept of death. But more often than not, we see from the point of the victim or those who have lost someone, but what is it like from the side of fate, destiny or death? To us, these abstract notions are always beyond our grasp; shoes we would never try putting on. Orchestrated Death takes this mentality and turns it around on itself, we get to play death! And the game presents us with four different targets, no back story, no major plot, just a classic death game wuth you in charge of finishing the job.

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Last Stand Union City: Your First Companion

last stand union city game

Your First Companion...

Kelly will need her glasses back in the store - these will appear after you talk to her. Simply go out of the room you find her in and move your cursor across the floor area to find it. Be sure to give her a decent rifle or pistol to keep her away from zombies. When zombies knock her down, use the G button to help her back up; if you let her die, you will find other NPCs who are willing to accompany you.

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5 Minutes to Kill Yourself - Wedding Version

5 minutes to kill yourself wedding game

Having pre marriage jitters can really make you do and say some crazy things but I bet you never considered that it can make some brides and grooms suicidal! When a drunken night out leads to a spontaneous but stupid proposal two would be chums decide to get married. But when the big day arrives and they are about to take their vows in the church they realise just how stupid that night truly was. For the sake of avoiding embarassment by refusing to marry the bride or the groom (play as either character) you decide that killing yourself with a quick death is the way to go (if only it did prove that quick to do).

This is a very funny death game and the guys at Adult Swim have done a cracking job with the creative ways you can do yourself in and the animations to go with it. Have a go yourself and if you get stuck there's a walkthrough below the game, enjoy!

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Sonny 2

Sonny 2 is a turn based action packed RPG that is a tactical battle game sequel which certainly does not disappoint. It has many new features including new enemies, weapons, skills plus five superb new chapters that will see you training, fighting plus improving your skills to complete the game. With a superb amount of detail fans will definitely want to pick up where they left off to just where this more than adequate follow up will take them.

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