Dark Cut 2 Game

Call the Medic! It is Time for Dark Cut 2

The world of medicine is not for the squeamish, and when it times of war, things can get really hairy. Welcome to the world of Dark Cut 2, where you play a field medic during the American civil war. Here you get to take out bullets, remove shrapnel, clean wounds, re-adjust bones, and intoxicate your patients in the hopes that alcohol manages to provide even half the effect of a decent anesthetic.

Civil War Surgeries?

Yes, that is what we said. This game is not just about getting all patched up and ready to go in the comfort and safety of a sanitized hospital where you have nurses and other doctors to help you out. You will be working on your own (mostly), and handling some of the most common issues that soldiers face on the battlefield. Also, this game places you right in the thick of things; so expect explosions, gunfire, and the occasional war-time hi-jinks to ensue when you are right smack in the middle of a critical procedure. After all, nothing makes a routine bullet removal moment more exciting than the thundering blast of mortar a few meters away from the operating table.

But I Do Not Know a Thing About Surgery!

The good thing about this game is that it is more of a "move your mouse around in a set direction" than a "figure out how to cure the patient" kind of game. Yes, every single step to be done will be spoon fed to you. For those using certain pieces of medical tools for the first time, the game even provides large visual prompts to teach you what to do. The real challenge of the game is not how well you can do the procedures, but in how fast you can do them.

As mentioned, the game places you performing operations in a battlefield. And this means that your patients have severely lowered chances of survival. You need to move fast and also, you need to keep them all dosed up on whisky since you do not have the leisure of using painkillers and anesthetics. Players will have to watch for three basic things in the game. The first is the drunk-meter, which will tell you that your patient needs to get a few shots more. The second is the timer, which depletes faster depending on the procedure you are doing or the state of the battlefield. And lastly, you need to read the instructions carefully so that you may be able to perform the required steps in the right order.

In terms of difficulty, this game is a little harsh on first time players. To be specific, it would help a lot of players to try out the first Dark Cut game before anything else -the only issue is that the first Dark Cut is not much of a game at all -the graphics are substandard and the story could use a little more coherence (and common sense). On the other hand, Dark Cut 2 is delivered in such a fine and polished manner that connecting the two games seems a little hard. Anyway, getting back on point -you might still want to play a stage or two of the first game as a warm up before jumping in here.

Uphill Battle

Just because the first operation you undertake is pretty much a tutorial stage, getting a game over screen is still very much a possibility. Actually, first time players should expect to fail on the first try as figuring out how everything works takes a bit of time and patience. Also, the operations themselves are not that much of a cake walk. While we have no way of referencing how hard it would have truly been on the actual battlefields of civil war America, the game takes no heed of a player's skill level; the only way to progress is to get it right and to get it done fast.

As mentioned, the timer reacts to your procedures and the ongoing events -so if some random explosion occurs, that timer drops drastically. If you open a wound and blood starts gushing out, that timer drops even more. Of course, soaking up the blood, applying pressure, sewing up gashes all help slow down the speed of the timer. Once the timer hits zero, the patient dies (also, the game refers to the timer as the patient's health -which is the actual case).

Gritty and Fancy

The first thing we noticed about this game is how realistic it feels -for a flash game at least. Sure there are a plenty of obviously drawn-in content (which is common for flash games). But the way every single visual element in the game has been rendered, colored and shaded makes them all seem so vivid and lifelike. This makes the intensity of the various stages feel so massively heavily -and we love it. Players who are found of doing a bit of role playing will certainly enjoy how dramatic this game gets at certain points.

The great delivery spices up the gameplay to new heights. There is tension from the beginning till the very end, and that is exactly what one would expect from the scenario that Dark Cut 2 places players in. Factor in the fact that the graphics have been created with so much effort and detail and we would have gladly give the game two thumbs up for graphics alone.

And this game offers more than just good graphics and gameplay -even the music is superb. The main background music is upbeat -a little too out-of-setting at moments, but it does manage to form a cohesive link with the visuals that you see. And when those heavy bass beats start rolling in as you suture a wound, it really does feel like you are trauly saving lives.

Better than the BGM, are the sound effects. From mortar explosions to the whizzing sounds of bullets and the muffled eruptions of gunfire, you are treated to an auditory buffet of action. Since the visuals are focused on showing you the injuries of patients, the rest of the game's atmosphere is fleshed out by the sound -which the audio manages to deliver perfectly.

Nothing is Perfect

As much as we love Dark Cut 2, there are a few issues that still need to be fixed up -the most important of which is the controls. Considering that the game is focused on the player being able to follow instructions properly under a time pressure, it is important that all the procedures can be executed easily with enough skill and control on the player's part. However, some of the medical tools tend to jump around when they follow the mouse cursor -causing them to align differently than your actual screen position. While this issue may easily be adjusted to, there are some times when you will not be able to perform an operation properly because the forceps are not able to follow your cursor as it leaves the window.

Aside from that, some of the triggered events will slow down the weaker netbooks -so players might want to use a more high performance device when playing this game.

Lastly, some tools are not intuitive to use -like the bottles of alcohol and whisky. When used, you do not align the lip of the bottle (as you would in real life), instead, you align the liquid that flows out. The same goes for the bandages -which trigger a release on top of the screen as opposed to being dispensed directly from the player's hands.

The Verdict

One of the first games we remembered from playing Dark Cut 2 is the Trauma Center series -which also handles medical emergencies and the player has to perform procedures with various tools to help the patients. The thing about Dark Cut 2 is that being a flash based browser game, the controls and number of stages are limited. But that aside, the developers have managed to fill in the game with as much content of possible, great visuals and audio, a unique game setting, and a dramatic flair that makes the game all too memorable. Dark Cut 2 is truly a great title to play for anyone who wants to try their hands at the most challenging medical procedures. We give this game a bandaged soldier's 91/100.