I Saw Her Standing There Game

Poignant, Cute and Morbid: I Saw Her Standing There

Love stories are a dime a dozen, but a love story with a zombie? Now that is just epic. There are actually plenty of great games that cover the world of the undead, and the gameplay is mostly the same -keep away from zombies, find a safe place to hole up, and get as many guns as you can in order to shoot down any undead folks trying to take a bite out of you. However, no other game has taken this kind of approach: what if you wanted to build a relationship with a zombie?

Simple Often Does the Trick

This is a game of boy meets girl, and you play the boy. The story starts out simple enough -boy sees girl, boy likes what he sees. The big twist happens right at the opening narrative: the girl is a zombie. Surprisingly enough, this does little to deter the boy from pursuing his feelings. And it is this premise that serves as the very foundation of this rather fun game.

The whole of the game is to unite the boy with the zombie girl -in a manner of speaking. After all, bringing in those two together means that the boy will have to suffer a rather fatal case of being eaten alive by the girl of his dreams; the key factor here is to trap the girl zombie in a special cage that will stop here from killing the protagonist. That by itself is already quite a challenge. Despite a zombie's inherent inability to form cohesive thought and tendency to chase after living things blindly, there is plenty of danger. And nothing spells danger than swarms of other zombies.

The Platforming Love Affair

I Saw Her Standing There is a platforming game where you must use zombies' instincts against them -basically, you must use yourself as bait to get zombies moving in a specific direction as you try to separate the girl zombie from all the other zombies in the group. And if that does not sound difficult enough, you must also contend with elevated floors, moving platforms and of course, those ever typical holes-to-the-abyss type gaps on the floor that plague so many other platforming games.

The result is a stage by stage based puzzle platforming that will have you thinking fast on your feet and moving constantly to avoid a variety of environmental and zombie based dangers. All of which adds up to what makes for a very interesting and fun-filled hour of gaming fun.

Speaking of fun, the game gives little in terms of things you need to learn. That being said, the starting tutorial for controls is quick and fun to go through. And once you know how things work, the rest of the game will start to feel intuitive and the your hands will easily adjust to the control scheme.

The best part about this game however, is how long it takes -it packs enough stages to bring you a wide variety of ever progressing challenges, a continuous narrative that brings you a unique perspective of the protagonist's mental state and of course, enough zombies to keep you on your toes. But before it gets dragging, repetitive, and basically, too long, the game provides you with a solid and definitive ending that is both satisfying and conclusive -which is something that many other game endings fail to provide.

All That, While Looking Good

A great game needs more than a funny story and a good gameplay -it also needs to look good. And that is what this game does. Now we all know that animated stick figures is a flash developer's way of going "zen" to compensate for the lack of visual design skills -but in the case of I Saw Her Standing There, the visual medium fits so well that it actually seems deliberate.

While this may limit the details that the developers can provide to the characters, they certainly did not skimp out on the animated visuals. Every single leg movement, arm sway and even tilt of the head is designed to make everything seem so lifelike. And the way that the color of the bodies change (particularly for the girl zombie), makes one realize how much love the developers have poured into the telling of this tale. In terms of graphics, I Saw Her Standing There is a pretty neat work of art. The only sad thing is that so many other games have gone the artistic-stick-figure route that it feels hard to get a sense of freshness when looking at the game's clean cut graphics.

Zombie girls may not be incredibly cute, but the music of this game certainly is. The music brings together the ditty of a catchy lounge track that gives a happy atmosphere of a romantic comedy -which is exactly what you get when a normal guy falls for an undead gal. The sound effects are soft and subdued, allowing you to focus more on the in-game action and puzzles. Overall, the sounds fully complement the mood and theme of the game, we could not ask for anything more.

Balancing the Ending

Every zombie story has to end, and in the case of I Saw Her Standing There, the ending is finite, conclusive, and surprisingly satisfying. While it certainly does not leave much room for a sequel, it certainly makes the game experience feel whole and complete -which is a lot more than what we can say for so many other games (even hardcore titles often fail at this). Once you get past all the puzzles, get that zombie in the cage in the final stage, and actually go through the last lines of the game's narrative, you will be filled with a sense of accomplishment.

The Verdict

This game is both innovative and well polished, which places I Saw Her Standing There on a quality level a tier above many other flash games. It gets the pace that casual players want, and the sense of story that zombie fans look for. While the main plot opens up a whole can of worms when it comes to logic-based questions, the game manages to focus on the core goals of the lead characters and keep the player's attention there. To us, that is an impressive feat matched only by how nicely done the game's visuals and music are; add in the considerably fun to read narrative and easy to learn gameplay and you have an instant winner. I Saw Her Standing There is a great game for both zombie and non-zombie fans alike. We give this game a caged zombie's 90/100.