Last Stand Union City

The Quick Story Mode from Beginning to End:

last stand union city: map

By following our tips above, you can pretty much get past most zombie encounters (though be careful of a few areas designed to make it tough to survive -such as the backyard of a house in the second area of the map). This is a quick guide on what you need to do for each major part of the main story quest.

First part: search the houses, get any weapons you can find and store plenty of medicine and food. You can choose to farm experience points (thanks to the easy to memorize location. You can leave by talking to the NPCs near the exit then retrieving a bolt cutter from a house after you get a key.

Getting Home: be warned that the house is already overrun by zombies, so you will be in for a fight. But if you have a decent enough melee weapon, getting to the upper floor and into your bedroom should not be too hard (be sure to check out the shelves and cabinets for supplies). A scribble on the wall (on the left area of the screen) will give you your next quest.

The Hospital: ah, of course, the hospital -which is pretty much the number one pace to avoid during a zombie outbreak, is it not? Still, you spouse has gone there and so should you. The goal here is to make it into the safe house area upstairs. Do so by heading to the right and following the arrows (keep note of the entrances on the foreground and background so you do not get lost by looping around the map).

The Military Base: getting into the military base is a straightforward challenge, but one that is going to put you up against a mass of zombies. If your melee is strong enough, then just plow right on through. Those who are short on the mauling and slashing department will have to use guns and plenty of ammunition. Try to keep your companion alive as they provide plenty of useful firepower in this stage. Once in, register, talk to the NPCs and one will give you a quick quest.

last stand union city: registration

The Rescue: this is the part where your guns are more important than melee weapons since you will be fighting human soldiers. There will not be that many, but since a few are armed with automatic weapons, they can quickly drain your HP if you are not careful. Once you find your spouse, you will need to take a new route out of the base. Your spouse will tag along like a companion, but he/she is pretty much invulnerable to zombies, so just worry about your original companion instead.

last stand union city: truehero

Escaping the Base: if you take too long, expect to run into a few roof-ambushes along the way. It should not be that hard by this point of the game, unless you have lost plenty of medicines from dealing with armed soldiers previously. If you have managed to stash supplies in the storage, now is a good time to start retrieving some. Eventually, your character will make it to a special safe house and meet Jack -the original protagonist of the first two games.

Getting Explosives: Jack will ask you to collect items needed for an explosive which will bring down a wall. To do so, you must get inside a zombie infested army base and collect the items in your quest list. Start with the right area of the base, and be sure to check all the crates and barrels. Do the same on the left side and you would have everything you need for the quest.

last stand union city: escape

End Game: once you give Jack the explosive, he will bring down the wall that is preventing you from getting to the boats. Once you enter, get ready to run. A massive horde of zombies will come in from the left side of the screen. Chances are, your NPC ally will try to fight them, just ignore it. Keep running to the right and get to the next map area as fast as you can. Just be sure to watch for a couple of stray zombies and a couple or so soldiers that will come from the right. At the end, Jack's forces will hold off the zombie horde (you can make a few kills here) and you will finally make it to the boat.

When to Collect Achievements

Getting all the achievement badges for the game will take players about two to three playthroughs. Be sure to take note of the ones that are focused on lock picking since they are pretty much missable unless you get a new game plus. With that said, most of the kill and collect ones will simply need a bit of farming for ammunition and getting into a few zombie ambushes.