Necronator 2

Trophies in Necronator 2

For those of you trying to earning everything in the game more than just getting to the ending, know that there are several trophies that can be earned in the game. These trophies are a simple matter of playing the game over and over until the required amount of kills and captures have been accomplished.

Kill 250, 750, and 2000 squads - since all you need to do is to kill enemy squads, you can force your troops to surround the last enemy structure and wait for it to keep spawning targets.

Collect 10000, 30000, and 50000 gold - much like farming kills, you can keep earning gold easily, though this require a bit more participation as you will need to gather gold manually with the mouse.

Collect 30, 60, and 90 shields - this set of trophies is the hardest to earn, since it means having to accomplish all tasks, even the ones for the hard difficulty. Try to focus first on the simpler missions before aiming for the really tough ones.

Use 10, 50 and 150 spells - as long as you keep using spells, you will get this trophy. If you have not been using spells, try memorizing the hotkey for accessing the spell panel and wok on healing your troops often.

Summon 250, 750, and 2000 squads - much like killing enemy targets, you need to create many squads. There is no standard way to farm this, though achieving it is not that hard at all.

Play 1, 3 and 6 hours - one of the easiest trophies, and if you are aiming to collect all trophies, it is likely that you would reach 6 hours of game time to appreciate everything. Alternatively, you can just leave the browser window open.

Destroy 15, 50 and 100 towns - you can keep attacking a single town over and over for this trophy, making it easy to earn. Some maps can be conquered just by sending off your troops automatically, so try focusing on those.

Lost 250, 750 and 2000 squads - having your squads die is tough, so be sure to try getting this trophy normally as opposed to sacrificing your troops to stronger enemies over and over again. Besides, playing the game normally will have you receive plenty of casualties in the later stages.

Capture 50, 150 and 350 buildings - as you keep capturing towns, you will be dealing with enemy buildings. Just keep attacking those and you will eventually earn all three.

Summon 20 spartans - exactly as Necronator 2 asks, summon 20 Spartans. The good thing is you do not need to have all 20 in a single game at once. Just summon twenty of them and you will earn this final award.