Orchestrated Death

Not as Simple as it Looks

For some reason, killing a random stranger is not as easy as it looks -even if you are death. Apparently, there are a few rules and restrictions in play and just causing someone to drop dead is not how it goes. As the title suggests, you need to orchestrate a death. This means preparing items, setting up timing and of course, finding a way to get a target to lose his life in the most conceitedly natural way possible. This is all a matter of observing the situation, getting to grasp all the important pieces and finally, getting everything to come together in order to bring the target down.

Just because you are death, it does not mean that you can easily manipulate everything in the game world. Only specific items can be triggered or toyed around with, and also, if the target sees anything out of order, they will try to fix it. And lastly, you can only manipulate items for a small period of time. Getting things in the right order will take a bit of trial and error, but after a bit of experimentation, you will realize that things eventually do fall into place and death in the end, is inescapable.

Despite this little fact, the game is still a puzzle for many and not knowing what to do can be quite frustrating -especially if you were not expecting a serious challenge from a small, short and simple game. With that said, we have compiled a small list of solutions for those of you wondering how to solve each of the three scenarios presented in the game, allowing you to enjoy the bizarre accidents that will befall each victim.

Gameplay and Delivery

For a game that completely relies on the use of the mouse for control, it is expected that there are plenty of limiting factors in Orchestrated Death. For one thing, the inability to come up with different ways of killing targets makes the solutions a little too linear. Hopefully, if a sequel ever comes around, the game should really get an upgrade with regards to coming up with various solutions instead of just sticking to one.

Orchestrated Death is a simple flash game developed by a single individual as a quick Halloween special. As such, the game's details and features are all pretty simple. With that said, there is something that makes the art style and animation well suited for a game of this type. The use of colors and lighting in each of the three locations has been uniquely blended to provide a specific mood and feel for each separate chapter. Visually, the animations work well to provide players with a satisfying view of the consequences of their actions. The audio is a little tame, but still has that gruesome signature that completes the overall mood.

The Verdict

This is a small game, and one that you can easily finish in just a few minutes. In terms of longevity, there really is little to the game at all. Aside from coming back to finish the puzzles faster (for a better shot at the fastest record time that is), there is really no reason to play this game once you are done with it. But with that said, this is a game that you should try at least once. The game is cohesive and a worthwhile experience, and there is some sort of sick demented fun out of controlling death and setting up strange accidents for unknowing targets. It is a guilty pleasure that many people would never admit to -let alone publicly support, but undeniably, it is inside all of us. Orchestrated Death manages to bring together a bit of wholesome fun with a couple of hours of internal moral wrestling for players of all walks of life. We give this game a dying man's 84/100.