Sonny 2 Game

More About Sonny 2

Newcomers to the game will be surprised to find that Sonny is actually a zombie. Instead of the zombie being the baddie here we have a zombie who is the main character, its a little different to the usual zombie tale but that is what makes it so good. The story begins where you wake to find you have a tape in your hand plus you have no idea where it came from. There was an incident that you cannot quite recall, then suddenly a motor bike rider speeds into the scene attacking you. The rider steals the tape so you pick up a metal bar and follow him/her to try to retrieve the tape plus its contents.

There is an excellent tutorial at the beginning of the game that is useful especially if you didn't play Sonny the original game. You also have a choice of difficulty level plus the direction you wish to go in within the game, then off you go. Fighting well rewards you with better skills, strength and speed things that you need to improve on if you are to succeed with your assignment. Game-play is simple you battle your enemies in turn with an array of weapons at your disposal. At the end of the level you gain experience points plus level up to gain upgrades or unlock new skills. Remember to collect items such as armour that your defeated enemy has left behind so you will increase your stats even more.

There are three zombie classes to choose from each with its own skills board plus strategy is the mainstay of the game if you are to win. They say that practice makes perfect and this is what you will need to master the many skills available. The battles are awesome while I never tired of trying to improve my stats by fighting again and again.

Story wise Sonny 2 leaves the door open for another episode so hopefully this will be the case. The game has a bit of everything to satisfy all fans including two added bonus Boss zones that are a real treat. Challenging mode is superb while heroic mode is awesome to play. Visually the game is really good plus very polished along with an excellent soundtrack Sonny 2 will give you hours of fun plus its all for free! 9/10 score.