The Last Stand Dead Zone

A Few Starter's Tips for The Last Stand: Dead Zone

All you zombie hunting fans better listen up and listen well. The latest Last Stand game is out and it will bring you deep into the Dead Zone and leave you there. Now is the time to get your act together and find a way to survive, or you can lose your way and be the next meal for the undead ghouls roaming the streets of Union City. Building the right fortifications and scouring the right materials is no easy feat -especially when you are living in the heart of zombie land, so here we have compiled some useful tips and guides to help you survive in that harsh cruel town full of undead neighbors.

Basics - Controls

Before you can even play this amazing game, you will need a Facebook account. The only way to play Dead Zone is by "liking" the game on the developer's app page on Facebook and from there you can proceed to creating your own character. All the data regarding your game, such as your upgrades, levels and character info, are saved online, so feel free to clear your browser's cache. There are plenty of arguments about why you should or should not be opening a social networking account, but that is a topic for a completely different discussion. If by chance that you do not have one yet, you can easily make a new one with a fake identity just to play this game -just be sure never to lose your password details. Anyway, once you have an account for your character, you will be ready to play.

In Dead Zone, the only control device you will need is the mouse. Aside from the part where you input a character name at the very beginning (which you do with a keyboard), and when rotating items that you are placing in the warehouse (which uses the spacebar), the rest of the game is run with clicks from the mouse button. The right click is reserved for the Flash pop up toolbar and the scroll wheel works for zooming the view in and out.

To control a character, simply select him (or her) with the left mouse button then click on anything you want the character to interact with. Click on the floor to make a character move to that spot, click on an object and the context based action will be played out (like clicking on a zombie causes your character to attack with whatever weapon they may have on hand). As expected, all the windows and menus are mouse based, as well as the placement of materials, crafting, recycling and so on.

Phases of the Game

The best way to understand how Dead Zone works is through phases. You can break down the gameplay into four parts: warehouse management, inventory management, deployment and combat.

Warehouse management is when you are telling your survivors to remove junk piles, or when you are moving around storage containers, upgrading gardens or installing new walls. Anything and everything that has to do with the various amenities that you have built and are building are managed in this phase.

What happens here is that you streamline and optimize the positions of your facilities -keep the beds in one place, have all material storage containers safely tucked away on one side (so that they are easier to defend), make your garden and water collector easy to find and so forth.

Inventory management happens when you are deciding what weapons you should equip on your survivors, or when you are deciding on which items should be scrapped for raw materials. Basically, this is anything that involves fiddling around with all the weapons, gear, crafting materials and junk that you have accumulated. With that said, using the recycler should be considered part of your inventory management phase.

Deployment is pretty much the fastest phase of all: when you are deciding on which survivors to send on a mission. For really easy missions, sending one scavenger with one fight is often more than enough. For missions that are one the same level as your leader, you will certainly want to send your best troops into the battle. The game will tell you if the survivor you choose is in the middle of an assigned task.

Lastly, the combat phase is when you either charge into zombie infested territories in order to procure more items or when your base is attacked by the daily swarm of undead baddies. For the most part, defending your base is easy, as all your units in the base will be available and they will head to their designated rally points. In the field however, expect to work your way carefully and efficiently in order to ensure that you are not only able to get home unscathed, but also able to fully scavenge every map you visit to the brim.